The Anti-12 Steps

About the Author

Michael Visger was born in Rockford, IL in 1970. After living in Rochester, NY, and Kingsport, TN, he moved to Knoxville, TN where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in Sociology/Criminal Justice. He worked for the adolescent outdoor recovery programs at Peninsula Village and for a residential treatment program, now closed, in downtown Knoxville. It was here where he created the Anti-12 Steps in 1996. After the close of the program, he worked for DRD (Drug Research Development) treatment centers with opiate addicts through 2000. Moving to Seattle, WA, Michael began work for Good Samaritan Behavioral Health, where he further structured the Anti-12 Steps and created programs for his clients. Michael worked for the Washington State Free and Clear Smoking Cessation Program while also running a small counseling practice in Tacoma, WA, where he has furthered his work to bring the Anti-12 Steps to those in need and hoping for support other than that provided by the traditional 12 Steps method. Michael is continuing his efforts to take over the world.

Michael also hopes to someday upset the 12-step community into talking a lot about the need to reach more addicts, and to update the 12 steps from their original creation. 

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